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Intranet Security Testing

While outside threats must be guarded against, business must also protect against potential threats from within their own networks. Using many of the same techniques and procedures for Internet Security Testing, CyberfortTM Technologies (CFT) Consulting provides Intranet risk assessment and analysis to protect against the potential threat posed by insiders.

Depending on the client’s needs, intranet testing can be performed by CyberfortTM Technologies (CFT) Consulting under varying degrees of disclosure of network information from the client, for example with or without network accounts.

Internet Security Testing

Any device with access to the Internet is a potential open door to would-be hackers. CyberfortTM Technologies (CFT) Consulting provides vulnerability assessments during which it closely maps the network architecture, examines all open ports, hosts and services with access to the Web, and ensures that these network devices are secure. CyberfortTM Technologies (CFT) Consulting gathers information such as domain names, IP network ranges, operating system and applications, to identify systems on the network, how they are related, the services that are exposed through open ports (such as http, SMTP, terminal services, etc.). Once open ports and attached services are identified, CyberfortTMTechnologies (CFT) Consulting determines whether each service has been updated with the most recent patches and identifies other vulnerabilities located within the exposed services.

In addition to conducting vulnerability assessments, CyberfortTMTechnologies (CFT) Consulting performs more rigorous penetration tests in which the information gathered from its assessment is used to attempt to penetrate the network. This more thorough procedure can confirm whether potential vulnerabilities are, in fact, capable of being exploited to expose the network.

Following all vulnerability assessments and penetration tests, CyberfortTM Technologies (CFT) Consulting uses the information it gathers to prepare a thorough vulnerability analysis and offers recommendations for strengthening network security.

Web Application Assessment

This assessment examines what services are being offered on Web-based portals and e-commerce applications to examine potential vulnerabilities with respect to authentication, authorization, data integrity, data confidentiality, and consumer privacy concerns. CyberfortTMTechnologies (CFT) Consulting can test these applications using either zero-knowledge testing or full-access testing to examine the full range of potential vulnerabilities. CyberfortTM Technologies (CFT) Consulting also conducts source code audits to identify any potential vulnerability among the applications and scripts that are accessible through the Web.

Wireless Assessment

Wireless networks, while highly convenient, present additional security threats since the wireless signals are not limited by the physical boundaries of a traditional network. CyberfortTM Technologies (CFT) Consulting evaluates how to prevent wireless communications from being exposed to eavesdropping and access by unauthorized intruders. Additionally, CyberfortTM Technologies (CFT) Consulting examines the enterprise infrastructure for unencrypted or standard WEP enabled access points that may be vulnerable in order to ensure the security of the network.

Social Engineering Assessments

Social engineering involves manipulating and/or deceiving company employees and other human resources to gain unauthorized access to a network or to confidential information. CyberfortTM Technologies (CFT) Consulting is the premier consulting firm in its ability to identify weak links in the security chain through exploitation of human vulnerabilities.

CyberfortTM Technologies (CFT) Consulting leverages its unparalleled expertise in this field to expose what is often the weakest link in the information security apparatus: the human element. Once individual or systemic weaknesses are identified, CyberfortTM Technologies (CFT) Consulting recommends procedures designed to ensure that employees do not divulge information that could compromise company assets. The social engineering assessment not only uses tactics intended to gain confidential information, but also to induce unsuspecting employees to create vulnerabilities that can subsequently be exploited to gain access to confidential information.

Manpower Recruitment Consultant

Our primary focus is on bridging the gap between business and IT to help clients realize measurable business value from their IT-enabled investments. Industry is facing tremendous crisis in the field of skilled manpower with an expertise in IT security vulnerability penetration testing. Keeping this into consideration CyberfortTM Technologies (CFT), Consulting provides skilled manpower to its clients for the vulnerability assessment and source code review for strengthening its compliance.

Telecommunications Assessment

CyberfortTM Technologies (CFT) Consulting has unique experience testing vulnerabilities in private bank exchanges that operate company voice mail and messaging systems. Unauthorized access to these systems can allow an intruder to eavesdrop on and manipulate employee voice mail messages, initiate outgoing calls from internal company lines, and access corporate telephone networks and directories.

Database Assessment

Client lists, credit card records, and other confidential information held in databases must be given particular protection from unauthorized disclosure. CyberfortTM Technologies (CFT) Consulting tests database integrity to determine whether any vulnerability may compromise this sensitive information.

Physical Security Testing

Access to confidential information can often be obtained by simply gaining physical access to company premises. CyberfortTM Technologies (CFT) Consulting conducts on-site surveillance to assess physical security and uses social engineering, pass key duplication, and other techniques designed to gain physical entry into secure areas and the network system.


In addition to preventing future attacks, CyberfortTM Technologies (CFT) Consulting can conduct forensic analysis to evaluate past security breaches. This analysis examines log reports, compares backups to identify modifications to the network, and investigates the introduction of foreign software tools to help identify intruders, determine the extent to which the network has been compromised, and mitigate potential damages from the intrusion.


CyberfortTM Technologies (CFT), Consulting provides training seminars to IT professionals and employees with access to sensitive information to better educate them about the risks of social engineering and how to prevent themselves from falling prey to ruses posed by competitors or malicious intruders. These seminars are dedicated to preventing human error from undermining an otherwise robust information security infrastructure.

The core element of our approach is the CyberfortTM Technologies (CFT) Consulting Value Realization Method.

Career Shaper at CyberfortTM Technologies (CFT)

Discover what it means to study with one of the world’s most innovative, diversified, industrial driven course, where progress begins with you. At CyberfortTM Technologies (CFT), we empower you to inspire progress every day for our customers and our communities — and for yourself. We offer countless opportunities to build a successful and rewarding career. The Institute of CyberfortTM Technologies (CFT) is one of the most trusted sources of hands-on trainings in information security in India. It has a strategic alliance from one of the leading organization of US i.e., EC-Council. It helps the course user to get updated with the latest technologies and tools coming straight away from US, a hub of IT. With the backing of our brilliant technical team of EC-Council providing consulting services for the past 11 years, they are here not only to teach, but also mentor you for achieving great heights in this exciting field of information security. Our emphasis on hands-on practical training definitely gives our clients and students an edge to grow rapidly and advance professionally in their respective career(s).

Over the years, EC-Council have designed and delivered hundreds of trainings, seminars, workshops; spoken at various conferences; written and published various papers in Information Security. We firmly believe that knowledge only grows by sharing and frequently associate ourselves with active security communities.

We have a proven track record of delivering excellent trainings for individuals as well as corporate firms for many years. Some of our regular clients include prestigious names such as – Canon, US Air force Reserve, HDFC Bank, US department of Defence, CISCO, FBI, Accenture, Reserve Bank of India, Sony, Ministry of Defence, UK, TCS, Nortel Networks etc. Our work truly speaks for itself and our clients are the strongest testimony to the quality of our trainings.

We understand the importance of your valuable time and hence offer flexible training solutions as per your convenience through our various delivery channels such as – classroom sessions, corporate trainings, live & virtual trainings, and e-learning portal.

Guiding principles

  • Knowledge must be shared without reservation.
  • A very strong emphasis must be on practical hands-on, and case studies.
  • All questions should be answered honestly and with a spirit of joint research.
  • Intellectual property rights should be respected and protected.